Special Forces Weapons Sergeant employs U.S. and foreign small arms, light and heavy crew served weapons, anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons. Controls emplacement and supervises employment during tactical offensive and defensive combat operations; reads, interprets, and prepares combat orders; coordinates organic and supporting fire power, performs standard and non-standard air delivery, airborne operations, and air-ground operations; ensures collection and proper reporting of intelligence data to unit and staff sections.

Special Operations Teams are specialized combat forces in the Army. To prepare for their jobs they must successfully complete a challenging mental and physical training period. The special operations engineer employs conventional and nonconventional warfare tactics and techniques in combat engineering and maintains detachment engineer equipment and supplies. Performs and maintains proficiency in all Major Duties.

The special operations communications sergeant employs conventional and unconventional warfare tactics and techniques in communications. Trains and maintains proficiency in all Major Duties- Organizes, trains, advises and supervises indigenous and allied personnel in the installation, utilization and operation of radio equipment, radio nets, standard and expedient antenna systems and wire communications.

A perspective 18F is selected by the Detachment Chain of Command, based on his potential to serve as the Detachment Intelligence Sergeant. He will already possess at least one 18 series MOS prior to attendance to the Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant Course (SFISC). Upon successful graduation from the course the Soldier will be reclassified to his new MOS 18F. If a Soldier attends the SFISC prior to promotion to SFC, the Soldier will not be reclassified until promoted to the grade of SFC. The Soldier could however work and be rated in the 18F Duty position.

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