Gunner's Mates (GM) operate, perform, and coordinate organizational and intermediate maintenance on guided missile launching systems, missile launching groups, guns, gun mounts, small arms and associated handling equipment; make detailed electrical, electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical casualty analyses; inspect, test, analyze, and direct repair of electric, electronic, hydraulic, mechanical, and servo systems; test and inspect ammunition, missiles, and their components; prepare missiles and launching equipment for checkout and firing; test, inspect, and repair magazine sprinkler systems, supervise personnel in handling and stowing of ammunition, missiles, and their components; supervise personnel in small arms qualifications; inspect and direct repair of magazines and ammunition stowage spaces; supervise crews assigned to ordnance equipment.

Minemen (MN) perform organizational and intermediate level maintenance on underwater mines and associated equipment, guns, gun mounts, handling equipment, small arms, surface sonar and mine countermeasures equipment; assemble, test, stow, and transport underwater mines; operate, maintain, and perform authorized modifications on material handling equipment, assembly-level items, and test equipment; perform safety criteria testing on material handling equipment; participate in fleet mining and exercise training programs; train, direct, and supervise personnel in ship's maintenance duties in all activities relating to marlinespike, deck, boat seamanship, painting, maintenance, upkeep of ship's external structure, rigging, deck equipment, and boats; perform seamanship tasks; test and inspect gun ammunition; inspect and repair magazine sprinkler systems; supervise personnel in handling and stowage of gun ammunition; direct crews in operation of guns, gun mounts, ammunition hoists, and handling rooms; function as Plotters and Radiotelephone talkers; maintain Combat Information Center (CIC) displays of strategic and tactical information; operate surveillance radar, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Systems, and associated equipment; interpret radar presentations, evaluate tactical situations, and make recommendations to superiors during watch conditions; apply current doctrine and procedures to CIC operations as necessary for radar navigation; provide technical information and assistance related to Mine Warfare and search and rescue operations; provide technical information and advice on capabilities, limitations, reliability, and operational readiness; advise staffs and commands on matters of operations and personnel; operate (manipulate, control, evaluate, and interpret data) surface sonar and other oceanographic systems.

Missile Technicians (MT) perform organizational and intermediate level  maintenance on ballistic missile weapons systems; operate and maintain ballistic missile fire control systems, guidance subsystems, associated guidance subsystem test equipment, and missile and launcher/tube groups, along with all ancillary equipment; operate and perform maintenance on strategic weapons systems; operate, test and repair  associated ship / weapon subsystem test equipment and test and handling equipment.

Torpedoman's Mates (TM) perform organizational and intermediate level maintenance on underwater ordnance; handle torpedoes and antisubmarine rockets (ASROC) launched from surface ships, submarines, and aircraft, as well as missiles  (TOMAHAWK/HARPOON), decoys, and countermeasures launched from submarines; operate and maintain test equipment, launching/firing systems, and stowage facilities associated with underwater ordnance; and prepare underwater ordnance for launching, conduct postfire/postrun routines, and weapons performance evaluation procedures.

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