Dental Technicians (DT) perform duties as assistants in the prevention and treatment of dental diseases and disabilities and in the administration of dental facilities; perform dental treatment room assistance and preventive dentistry treatment, including oral prophylaxis; rendering emergency dental first aid; expose and process dental X-ray films; prepare dental materials and medications; assist in preparation and maintenance of dental records; assist in the procurement, storage, issue and accountability of dental supplies and equipment; and during a contingency scenario integrate with and assist medical personnel in the emergency treatment of casualties. In addition, Dental Technicians may be trained and qualified in technical  specialties such as advanced dental administration, dental prosthetic laboratory techniques, and maintenance and repair of dental equipment.

Hospital Corpsmen (HM) perform duties as assistants in the prevention and treatment of disease and injury; including first aid and preventive medicine procedures; assist with physical examinations; provide patient care and the administration of medicinals and parenteral solutions; perform general laboratory, pharmacy and other patient support services; assist in the administrative supply and accounting procedures within medical departments ashore, afloat and with the Marine Corps; instruct medical and non-medical personnel in first aid, self aid, personal hygiene and medical records maintenance and assist in the transportation of the sick and injured; assist in the maintenance of  environmental health  standards; be prepared to assist in the prevention and treatment of chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) casualties and other contingencies; senior hospital corpsmen perform supervisory, technical, planning and management functions in support of medical readiness and quality health care delivery; In addition to their general assignments, hospital corpsmen trained as technicians perform specialized functions within the operational forces, clinical specialities, administrative departments and may be assigned independent of a medical officer.

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