Legalmen (LN) perform paralegal duties under the direction and supervision of Judge Advocates in providing and administering legal services, including matters concerned with military justice, administrative discharges, claims, admiralty law and legal
assistance; record and transcribe proceedings of courts martial, courts of inquiry, investigations and military commissions and prepare and submit necessary records and reports; prepare correspondence; conduct interviews; perform legal research of
pertinent material for evaluation; and provide advice and assistance to personnel and command on matters of legal administration.

Navy Counselors (NC) assist commands in organizing and implementing an aggressive enlisted recruiting and career information program; evaluate enlisted recruiting and career information programs within own command and/or subordinate commands as applicable; supervise and coordinate interviewing and counseling efforts; counsel individuals and give presentation to civic groups, naval personnel, and their family members on the advantages of career opportunities in the Navy; establish and maintain liaison with local media.

Personnelmen (PN) perform clerical and administration duties involved in maintaining personnel records, preparing reports and accomplishing accounting procedures; counsel enlisted personnel concerning Navy ratings, training, advancement, educational opportunities, and the rights, benefits and advantages of a Navy career; utilize and maintain current publications and directives pertaining to personnel administration and operate associated ADP equipment.

Postal Clerks (PC) operate Navy post offices; supervise, organize and establish or disestablish a Navy post office; perform postal counter work, including sale of stamps and money orders; process incoming and outgoing mail; route mail; maintain a mail
directory; process official mail; maintain security of postal effects and mail matter; process claims and inquiries; and prepare and file postal correspondence, records and reports.

Religious Program Specialists (RP) support chaplains in implementing Command Religious Programs (CRPs) to accommodate the
religious needs and rights of sea service personnel and their families; facilitate the delivery of ministry by chaplains by conducting rehearsals, making referrals, and rigging and unrigging for religious services and CRP events; recruit, train, and supervise CRP volunteers who assist in worship, religious education, and other programs; publicize CRP programs and events; organize, coordinate, and support religious education programs; serve as bookkeepers and custodians of Religious Offering Funds; provide library services onboard ships; manage and administratively support CRP program elements; determine, requisition, and manage logistic support for CRPs; manage, maintain, and assist in designing and determining requirements for Religious Ministry Facilities afloat and ashore; provide physical security for chaplains in combat.

Yeomen (YN) perform clerical and administrative duties, including typing and filing; prepare and route correspondence and reports; maintain records, publications, and service records; counsel officer personnel on administrative matters; perform administrative support for shipboard legal proceedings and maintain shipboard legal files; conduct reporting/detaching, and required retention related interviews; and serve as office managers.

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