Aviation Storekeepers (AK) requisition, receive, identify, store, and issue aviation supplies; confirm shipments and make reports for
excesses, shortages or damages; classify and stow materials using the required protective measures; process and stow equipment and parts; conduct inventories; reconcile and post discrepancies; perform data entry functions; prepare and maintain records
pertaining to stock control; process allowance changes, validate requirements, and monitor supply requests; maintain control of
status, physical inventory, and location of repairable and retrograde components; and maintain financial control records.

Disbursing Clerks (DK) maintain Personal Financial Records of military personnel and provide customer service to service members and dependents, review for accuracy and process documents affecting military pay entitlements and deductions and perform related computations; prepare military payrolls; determine transportation entitlements, compute travel allowances incurred by military personnel and their dependents; process vouchers supporting receipt and expenditures of public monies, ensure accuracy of accounting data; maintain related fiscal records and prepare associated reports and returns; and operate ADP equipment associated with the administration of the Navy pay system.

Mess Management Specialists (MS) operate and manage Navy messes and living quarters established to subsist and accommodate Naval personnel; estimate quantities and kinds of foodstuffs required; assist Supply Officer in ordering and stowage of subsistence items and procurement of equipment and mess gear; check delivery for quantity and assist medical personnel in inspection for quality; prepare menus; plan, prepare, and serve meals; maintain food service spaces and associated equipment in a clean and sanitary condition, including storerooms and refrigerated spaces; maintain records of financial transactions and submit required reports; and maintain, oversee, and manage quarters afloat and ashore.

Ship's Servicemen (SH) provide direct personal services by operating and managing resale activities, such as ship's stores, commissary stores, and Navy exchange retail stores; service activities of the ship's stores and Navy exchanges, such as laundry and dry-cleaning facilities, vending machines, snack bars, and barber shops; and perform administrative and automated stock control functions for all activities operated.

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