Journalists (JO) assist public affairs officers and officers in command with public affairs; prepare material contributing to the Navy's Fleet Home Town News Program; write Navy news releases and feature articles from personal interviews, examination of messages and witnessing of events; take and process news photographs and write captions; coordinate special events; prepare histories; prepare material for commercial radio and television use; serve on the staff of Armed Forces Radio and Television stations; operate and schedule command internal information and programming for Shipboard Information Training and Entertainment (SITE) systems; prepare official correspondence and directives; prepare and lay out Navy publications, such as newspapers, command information brochures and cruise books; and assist in preparing speeches/presentations on naval topics.

Lithographers (LI) perform graphic reproduction using lithographic and digital processes; utilize desktop publishing systems; perform process camera operations; perform film assembly operations; produce lithographic plates; operate high-speed copiers and digital duplicators; operate sheet fed and stream fed offset presses; operate bindery equipment troubleshoot and repair mechanical and digital reprographic equipment -- these skills apply to single and multi-color printing.

Photographer's Mates (PH) provide visual information documentation of air, surface and subsurface events, using still and motion media formats, as required; provide visual documentation of combat, combat support operations and related peacetime training activities; provide motion media and still documentation aboard ship and shore of technical and nontechnical events; provide direct support to intelligence center functions; support aerial reconnaissance systems; plan and produce visual information productions by combining motion media with sound in a self-contained, complete presentation, developed according to a plan or script; plan and develop still and multimedia products; expose and process light-sensitive material; arrange, compose and illuminate photographic subjects; make finished VI products; acquire, transmit and print electronic imagery; inspect and maintain film based and electronic still and motion media cameras, laboratory equipment and related visual information equipment and material; and maintain associated visual information files, records and local supplies.

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