The logistics/embarkation specialist prepares supplies and equipment for embarkation and performs various Force Deployment Planning and Execution (FDP&E) functions to support the movement of personnel, supplies, and equipment via all modes of transportation using commercial and military assets, at all levels including unit, MAGTF, and joint operations.


Personnel retrieval and processing specialist perform duties in both combat and non-combat environments pertaining to the search and recovery, processing, tentative identification, interment, disinterment, and transportation of human remains and personal effects. Furthermore, they perform the various duties pertaining to the establishment of Collection Points and Interments sites. These duties are performed in both joint and single service theaters of operations and in an NBCR environment.


The logistics/mobility chief coordinates, plans, conducts and supervises logistics, embarkation, and landing support operations throughout the Marine Corps. They are also responsible for unit level logistics and embarkation training. They coordinate all combat logistics functions to deploy and sustain Marine combat forces of a MAGTF and its attached units.

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