MOS 0521, Psychological Operations Noncommissioned Officer

Psychological operations noncommissioned officers plan and execute functions pertaining to psychological operations. This MOS will be assigned to noncommissioned officers as a non-PMOS by the CMC (MM).

(1) Must possess a GT score of 100 or higher.
(2) Must have a secret security clearance and be eligible for access to Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) predicated on a completed Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI).

(1) Complete an approved course of study in Information Operations Planning of at least one week in duration.
(2) Complete an approved military psychological operations course. An approved course is the U.S. Army's Psychological Operations Specialist Course.
(3) Perform psychological operations (PSYOP) functions as a primary duty serving either (1) at least twelve months non-deployed PSYOP billet or (2) at least six months in an operationally deployed PSYOP billet working with different cultures. This on-the-job training provides essential supplemental experience. On-the-job training must include planning, integrating and conducting PSYOP as well as elements of education that provides a well-rounded background in all core, supporting and related functions of information operations and their synergistic interactions.
(4) Deployed experience working with different cultures and secondary language skill is preferred but not mandatory.

(1) Develops psychological operations plans, and advises the commander on the conduct of psychological operations for all operations, contingencies and exercises.
(2) Analyzes target audiences, evaluates effects of psychological operations; and knows the techniques and methodology of psychological operations.
(3) Coordinates with other service, Joint, DOD, and other government agency psychological operations organizations to meet mission requirements.
(4) Conducts psychological operations as may be required or directed by the commander during all phases of operations. This includes directly supporting forward deployed maneuver elements as a member of a PSYOP detachment as well as supporting staff planning at the headquarters/command element level.

Related SOC Classification/SOC Code.
Military Enlisted Tactical Operations and Air/Weapons Specialists and Crew Members, All Other 55-3019.

Related Military Skill.

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