Technical controllers Marines operate and maintain technical control equipment. They establish technical control sites, locate and correct faults, or improve signal quality in communications networks to maintain adequate communications and data services for the MAGTF commander. Typical duties include testing of circuits to ensure circuit quality is maintained, repairing faults or degradation in communications networks, and maintaining records on activation/deactivation of communications links. Technical controller Marines operate and maintain tech control equipment by performing tasks including equipment adjustments and replacing faulty components/parts.

THIS MOS IS NO LONGER ASSIGNED. This is an entry level MOS for TRI-Tac Switch systems. Typical duties are the use of a maintenance panel or test equipment to check switching system status, replacement of inoperative components or parts, and interconnection of electronic switching systems with other communication elements. Electronic switching equipment technicians must understand programming codes to establish system modes of operation or to execute diagnostic routines. With additional training, these Marines are also capable of maintaining fixed plant digital switching equipment. MOS 2891, Electronics Maintenance Chief, is assigned upon promotion to Master Sergeant.

Technical control chiefs supervise the operation and maintenance of technical control equipment in MAGTF and joint communications networks. They are trained to evaluate the technical supportability and limitations of communications equipment, draft MAGTF/joint systems architecture and communications plans, and coordinate technical interface and restoration issues with higher, adjacent, and subordinate commands. This MOS is a career progression for MOS 2821. Preferred target for assignment to career progression training is at the 7-10 years time-in-service (TIS) mark.

The AN/TRC-170 technicians are qualified to install, test, and repair multi-channel communications equipment used for high capacity, point-to-point communications. Typical duties include tuning and aligning systems, adjusting audio or data levels, using test equipment to make checks on circuit quality, diagnose equipment faults to the component level, and replace faulty parts or components. They are also trained in the employment and installation of the terminals to complement their working knowledge of hardware capabilities. MOS 2891, Electronics Maintenance Chief is assigned upon promotion to Master Sergeant.

Satellite communications (SATCOM) technicians are qualified to test and repair satellite communications equipment. These terminals are used to establish high capacity communications with other military and civilian systems. Typical duties include adjusting audio or data levels, use of test equipment to identify and diagnose equipment faults to the component level and making repairs as required. Technicians are trained to perform preventative and corrective maintenance to the field level. Technicians are also trained in employment and installation of the terminals to complement their working knowledge of hardware capabilities. Lateral input to MOS 2834 is primarily from other OccFld 28 MOSs. Marines in related electronics OccFlds 59, 63, and 64 will be considered on a case-by-case basis for a lateral move into MOS 2834. Nominees for lateral move will submit request via command CRS. MOS 2891, Electronics Maintenance Chief, is assigned upon promotion to Master Sergeant.

Ground communications organizational repairers are trained to perform modification and organizational level maintenance on ground common radio equipment, ground common telephone equipment, switchboards, peripheral devices, and related electronic equipment used by ground and aviation forces. They are also trained to troubleshoot communications systems to ensure reliable service to users. Typical duties include organizational level repairs and alignments of ground common radio, telephone, switching, and antenna equipment. These Marines also requisition parts, complete repair orders, and assist in the installation of ground communications systems.

Telephone systems/personal computer repairers are trained to diagnose, modify, and perform repairs on telephone equipment, switchboards, Marine Corps Common Hardware Suite (MCHS) computers, peripheral devices and related equipment. Typical duties include repairs and the alignment to ground common telephone equipment and Marine Corps Common Hardware Suite (MCHS) computers, requisitioning of parts, and completing equipment repair orders.

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