Finance technicians perform the duties associated with the maintenance, review, payments processing of master pay accounts, and the fiscal accounting supporting the transactions. Finance technicians also perform duties incident to the adjudication, computation, review, and payment of vouchers of reimbursement for official travel. Finance technician staff NCOs, supervise subordinates working in master pay accounts and/or official travel payment functions. Finance technicians may be assigned to finance offices in either the operating forces or the shore establishment. Marines serving as finance technicians must have a fundamental understanding of related computer system applications.

Nonappropriated fund (NAF) audit technicians work on all matters related to the audit of Marine Corps NAFIs. Marines in this MOS must have the ability to work independently and act objectively. As NAF auditors, duties require the ability to apply generally accepted Government auditing standards when performing and supervising internal audits of NAF records, procedures, and internal control systems. Audits are performed at the duty station assigned and may require extensive TAD travel to other Marine Corps commands throughout the world.

Financial management resource analysts perform accounting, budgeting and all other financial management relevant duties for appropriated funds supporting the operating forces and supporting establishments. Financial management resource analyst perform duties specifically pertain to maintenance, monitoring, reconciliation and preparation of official accounting records; general ledger control; related cost accounting; financial systems analysis and any oversight duties typically performed by related cost accounting organizations.

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