Aviation logisticians are assigned to selected headquarters and staffs. They are trained in aviation logistics (AVLOG) support plan development. The skill set provides headquarters staffs with aviation logistics specific subject matter expertise to support the force deployment planning and execution process, exercise planning, pre-positioning program
development and execution, and doctrine development.

AIRSpeed enlisted personnel are assigned to the AIRSpeed office of selected headquarters and staffs. They are trained to institute a culture of self-sustaining, continuous process improvement aligned toward delivering increased readiness and reduced resource cost. AIRSpeed enlisted personnel are responsible to provide the planning, training, integration sustainment and monitoring of the best business practices, Theory of Constraints, LEAN, and Six Sigma within Aviation Logistics.

Aviation supply specialists are required to perform those aviation unique functions necessary to provide logistical support to aviation activities. Their prime objective is to satisfy valid customer requirements. They perform all functions related to providing aviation peculiar supply support, to include financial management, inventory management, material management, facilities and storage management, personnel staffing, and requisitioning procedures.

Aviation logistics information management and support (ALIMS) specialist responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of digital network and information systems operation, installation, and maintenance in support of Marine Corps and Naval Aviation. The ALIMS specialists are accountable for the deployment of tactical local and wide area networks to any theater of operation (from garrison to shipboard to forward deployed joint-service environments).

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