Typical duties of the METOC analyst forecaster include observing, collecting, recording, validating, processing, disseminating, and assimilation of METOC data and information to formulate forecasts and environmental assessments. METOC analyst forecasters use and perform preventive maintenance on METOC sensors, information technology systems, and equipment. Additionally, at the rank of staff sergeant, METOC analyst forecasters are required to manage METOC computers systems and local METOC databases, web pages, and network communications.

Typical duties of METOC impacts analyst mirror those of MOS 6842 with additional skill sets. The METOC impacts analyst considers all meteorological and oceanographic factors, from the properties of the ocean sub-bottom, through the weather over the operations area, to the factors affecting satellite operations or communications in the upper atmosphere and space; and is responsible for the assessment and characterization of the battle space in terms of what and how environmental conditions will affect MAGTF operations. The METOC impacts analyst enables commanders and their staff to exploit environmental conditions by characterizing the battle space and the impacts it will have on mission planning and execution. These Marines are experienced and must first have a high level of competency in meteorology and oceanography to be effective.

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