The air vehicle operator executes the proper techniques and procedures to maintain the planned flight profile of the UAV. They communicate through various networks with the payload operator, mission commander, and others as appropriate. They are responsible for execution of the payload mission(s) during UAV flights. Reports imagery viewed and when appropriate, performs standard call for fire procedures to direct weapon towards designated targets. Make effective use of the UAV payload through proper planning techniques, and crew coordination. Additionally, they set up and execute Remote

Tactical systems operators/mission specialist perform advanced tactical navigation, threat assessment, and global mission planning tasks and procedures required to conduct in-flight operations in a tactical environment, to include: tactical pilotage, aerial refueling, aerial delivery, low-level flight, night vision systems, battlefield illumination and defensive systems.

Loadmaster/In-Flight refueling observers perform duties as required in a variety of missions, to include: safety observer for aerial refueling evolutions, staging/loading of cargo and passengers aboard tactical transport aircraft, computing of weight and balance, determining cargo restraint criteria, applying cargo restraints, transporting of hazardous material aboard military aircraft, conducting the aerial delivery of passengers and cargo, and conducting rapid ground refueling.

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