Chemical Technician (AAF)

Instructs in the means of identification, characteristics, and tactical use of the various field chemical agents. Conducts training in the use and care of gas masks and other CW protective equipment.

Demonstrates the use of smoke pots to produce smoke screens. Trains others in individual decontamination measures and first aid for gas casualties.
Supervises the construction of gasproof shelters, and the training of gas sentinels. Assists chemical officer in checking the proficiency of gas discipline.

Collects and identifies enemy chemical agents and materiel, assists chemical officer in evaluating information relative to chemical intelligence. Advises commanding officer of probable gas attack based on study of weather and terrain. Detects and posts gassed areas.

Assists administration of CW supplies for training purposes, in maintaining adequate supply of protective equipment; maintains CW equipment in good working order and supervises filling and decontaminating operations; keeps records pertaining to issue and repair of CW equipment.

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