Performs one or more duties incident to the collection, evaluation, interpretation, and distribution of information regarding enemy activities.

Singly, or as a member of a small group, observes enemy activity from an observation post, or on foot, and reports on the information gained, using maps, charts, diagrams, and written or verbal descriptions. May operate car or motorcycle. May maintain situation maps, prepare reports, and perform other technical clerical duties to assist the intelligence officer.

May perform supervisory duties involving the control, coordination, and tactical employment of scouting or reconnaissance crews. Must be able to read maps and aerial photographs, make sketches, and use compass and field glasses. Should be capable of estimating strength of enemy forces and of arriving at a logical conclusion as to their probable intentions.

Note—For routine clerical duties in the intelligence section use SSN's 055, 213, or 405, whichever is most appropriate. See also SSN's 076, 267, 631, and 890.

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