Operates, maintains, and makes all manner of repairs on disc, film, and wire recorders.

Sets up microphones; sets up and adjusts amplifiers, for volume and frequency balances. Adjusts cutting head of disc recorder for correct depth of groove and for correct vertical and horizontal alinement. Adjusts cutting head of film recorder for depth of groove and tone quality, lines up cutting head and play-back head, adjusts play-back head for best tone quality, and replaces sapphire cutting needle when required.

Makes proper adjustments on wire recorder for both recording and play-back operations, and patches wire when necessary. Must have a thorough knowledge of the uses and purposes of high and low impedance microphones, and must know how to match impedances when recording from a radio into a recorder. Must be able to interpret wiring diagrams, to check the wiring of recording equipment, and to verify the accuracy of resistors and condensers with a voltmeter.

Must know how to adjust recorders for correct speed of operation. Must have a general knowledge of small gasoline-powered generators and batterydriven converters of both the vibrator and rotary type.

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